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remains in tripoli with sporadic fighting around the country. >>> apple's ceo steve jobs says he can no longer do the job and will resign. he has been the inspiration for the iphone and ipad. >>> we are following breaking news concerning a local man who was kid ndp that pakistan. we'll have the -- who was kidnapped in pakistan. we'll have the latest on him. >>> new >>> mike flannigan found dead. what authorities are saying about his death coming up next.  >>> oriole great mike flannigan was found dead yesterday on a trail outside his home in the cause of death is still pending etch played most of his 18 seasons in baltimore. -- he played most of his 18 seasons in baltimore. he won a world seery tight until 1983. >>> new pictures from aruba of a missing maryland woman. prosecutors there say these photos are the last known of robyn gardner taken just hours before she vanished. you can see her leaving the rum reef bar and grill with gary giordano. giordano told arube an investigators that gardner took sleeping pills earlier in the day and they drank vodka before going to the bar. wit
of the company, steve jobbs is quitting his job.  >> the man behind the iphone, the ipad and all things apple is stepping down. steve jobs is resigning as ceo of the tech giant saying he can no longer handle the job. the move appears to be the result of an unspecified medical condition for which he took an indefinite leave from his post in january. apple's chief operating officer tim cook has been named ceo. for more on what this means for apple and the impact steve jobs has had on the company, we're joined by the ceo of dasdak.com. thanks for coming in. you know, it's disappointing and heartbreaking. we know that steve jobs has had health problems and we look at a man like this who has literally changed this world. will apple in these tech circles that you'll run in, will apple be able to continue to run with the mantel here? >> we'll have to wait and see, but this news is very, very disappointing. if you think about the impact that steve jobs has had in our society, it's been absolutely immense. even if you've never bought an apple product, apple has had
is stepping down. up next, steve jobs leaving his post as ceo of apple. >>> what impact will that have on apple and its products. we'll hear from a high-tech insider coming up. stay with us.  >>> we take a look at the washington monday machine this morning. keep an eye on the bottom of your screen, we do have some school closings in the area. still a little aftereffect of the earthquake from a couple of days ago. we'll see what the effect is in the business world as the "wall street journal" reporting that sprint nextel will start selling the iphone in mid-okay. the wireless company will sell the new iphone 5 model due out soon and the current iphone 4 model. the hope that is the popular apple device will help slumping subscriber numbers. sprint stock jumped more than 10% on the news. not the case for apple stocks as the man behind all things happenle has reported he is stepping down. >> steve jobs is resigning as ceo announcing he can no longer handle the job. he has been on unspecified leave since january. job will stay on as board chairman. last night on the fox 5
valley, steve jobs resignation. as ceo, he transformed the world of music technology, and the ipad. those products have propelled apple to the second-most valuable company in america. so, what happens now? >> his personal v vion is on every, single product that they make. and it's very clear that he is so passionate about the company. and that he personally drives almost everything they do. and so, it's hard to imagine anyone else taking the reins because, rankly, it feels like they're almost literally stepping into his shoes. >> steve jobs has survived cancer and a liver transplant. but in his brief statement, he said he could no longer perform his duties. he asked to be given a new title, chairman of t t board. >>> now, we turn to libya and the turmoil in tripoli. the rebels are making progress in taking control of the capital. the rebels are offering a good fight. one group of gadhafi supporters were holding journalists and others at a hotel for six days. conditions began to worsen as food began to run out. finally yesterday, they agreed to release the journalists to the red cross. >>
. >>> another major headline this morning is the sudden resignation of steve jobs, the founder of apple computer. as the influential visionary steps down, what's next foror h innovative and profitable company? >> this has been expected for the last few months. looking thin and gaunt. he was a pancreatic cancer survivor. >> interesting timing, this announcement, however. >> yes. it was, too. much more on that coming up this half hour. >>> later this half hour, as well, a store manager is looking for a woman who trashed her lottery ticket that was worth 10,000 bucks. she bought it, then tossed it and left the store. >> that's a first. >> oh, man. >>> we begin with the colossal hurricane, well on its way to becoming a frightful category 4 storm. >> an absolute monster. hurricane irene is slamming the entire length of the bahamas this morning. uprooting trees, tearing off roofs. and millions of people along the east coast are fearing the worst. abc's linsey davis is in the bahamas with the latest. hi, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, rob and tanya. we're seeing the effects of irene. we've seen som
? >> uh-huh. >>> we were talking earlier about steve jobs and how his vision has revolutionized the world. part of that revolution is taking place in a small alabama town, where the high school is setting aside textbooks in favor of mac books. >> a sign of the times. the laptops are part of a $2 million pilot program, aimed at making the teachers and students more interactive. >> i'd love to get a mac book from my school. students get to keep them all year in the classroom as well as at home, for taking tests, doing homework and conducting research. nice perk there. >> the superintendent said the school is trying to eliminate textbooks altogether and give every student a laptop. >> that would be great. >> wow, unbelievable. >> i think we'll have all of our text books on ipads. and you don't have to carry around the textbooks. >> it woululbe nice. and good for your back, too. >>> we'll be back right after this. ♪ too. >>> we'll be back right after this. ♪ hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround., tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor
some new technology at bwi airport. hopefully it will make passengers safe. >>> i'm steve handelsman in iowa on this critical day between last night's debate and tomorrow's much-anticipated iowa straw poll. there's rick perry. what's he up to? how does it change the republican race for the white okay, you're the good cop. i'm the bad cop. look, it's still a great time to refinance. listen up, buster! we're not gonna pay any closing fees. i'd do what she says, friend. i can't control her. well, it's the "no closing fee refinance," so we pick up the closing fees. oh, you're gonna pick up the closing fees? yes. on average, that's $3,300 at closing. [ both ] thirty-three hundred?! that's a lot of donuts. [ male announcer ] visit capital one bank today to refinance your mortgage, and we'll pick up, on average, $3,300 at closing. what's in your wallet? i'm good. >>> tomorrow's straw poll in iowa represents the first major test for republicans in the race for the white house. the major candidates are working right now to get out their supporters, but two rivals who have not even declared ye
. >>> steve jobs resigning as head of one of america's biggest companies. why the visionary who brought us the love of electronics from the mac to the ipad says he has to step down. >>> the suspect, 20 months after hihiwife susan powell disappears josh powell sits down for his first interview. >> did you kill your wife? >> get ready for an extraordinary and exploding confrontation. susan powell's father is with us to respond. >>> and good morning, everyone. as i was telling george before we went on the air this reminds me of living on the mississippi gulf coast. you don't know where it's going. there's been a big shift overnight in how this massive hurricane is tracking. right now forecasts are showing it headed right for the east coast's biggest cities. irene only getting more powerful as it gets closer. >> this is here in the bahamas ere the storm battered the islands overnight and there was widespread damage there. >> on its way now to the carolinas. we want to take you live there, as well. it will look pretty calm in the carolinas and empty because a hurricane watch has already been is
on this tuesday morning. the date is august 16, 2011. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. i love to see the sunrise. glad to at least see the sun which hopefully we'll see more of later on today. >> i think we will see more today than we saw yesterday. we'll go with fatherly sunny skies for the day today. some clouds out there this morning. some clouds will be featured during the course of date today and can't rule out a shower. although i think for the most part, we'll be dry. don't worry too much about that. let's talk about temperatures. we'll talk about our temperature trend as we will continue to see our highs in the 80s. today, look for a high of about 85 degrees. our average high for this date, 87 degrees. tomorrow, 88. it will be warm, warm on thursday as well. currently, we are at 72 degrees. we just dropped off, 72 degrees now in the district. 07 in annapolis. 67 in baltimore and dulles airport. salisbury, maryland is at 68 degrees. there is rain to our north and by north i mean in pennsylvania and new york state. most of that should remain well to the north but, as you can se
without steve jobs quality. >>> plus, the workout equipment that can help you to strengthen your muscles and improve your balance. but first, here's what's hot o [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else? why did you buy my husband a falcon? thanks for the falcon. i didn't buy anyone a falcon. sure, you did. you saved us a lot of money on auto insurance. i used that money to buy a falcon. ergo, you bought me a falcon. i should've got a falcon. most people who switch to state farm save on average about $480. what they do with it, well, that's their business. oh, that explains a lot, actually. [ chuckles ] [ male announcer ] another reason people switch to state farm. aw, i could've gotten a falcon. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. [ falcon screeches ] >>> we're continuing to have a ball this summer with our workout. steve hayes is here to show us a great way to use what's called a boseu ball. tell us why it's called that? >> it stands for both sides used, bosu. both sides used. >> is this pretty affordable? >> very affordable. inexpensive. they have them at your
now for the weather. steve villanueva is in for sam this morning. hey, steve. >> hey, guys. good morning, everyone. we'll start in texas this morning, where it is finally a little bit cooler. yesterday in dallas, we were only in the 90s for the first time in 40 days. we were not in the triple digits thanks to some thunderstorms. more in the forecast. great news because you desperately needed the rain. and in new england, back towards chicago a very comfortable start to the day heading into the 80s later with lots of sunshine. all right, everyone. that is your national forecast. that's your weather, everyone. elizabeth? >> all right, steve. thanks so much. >>> now, a spoiler alert. you might actually enjoy a story more if you know how it ends before you begin. at least that's what a new study is saying. abc's david wright takes a look on this new twist on storytelling. >> reporter: these researchers insist knowing how everything turns out doesn't spoil the fun. it actually makes things better. for "good morning america" -- hang on a sec. it actually makes things better. really? th
. it's not too bad on that bridge. 7:10, let's go to steve. >> thank you kindly, sal. a lot of fog on the coast. some of it is working its way up the county, but the western part of napa county is working on up. some of that could be real thick, reducing visibility. it will burn off sooner, but there's a big amount of fog out here along the coast. even though high pressure is building in, it's not giving us a north, northeast wind to wipe it out. 49 at the county airport. 61 in mountain view. that's a big difference. santa rosa you're on your way to being cold. that's a big spread. west southwest 14, not much of a breeze. some of the low clouds have made it to the bay especially. southwest at oakland, that's hardly anything, not much of a breeze. so that tells us there's not a real strong delta breeze. it's just a fight between the low pressure to the north and the high pressure to the southwest. the high is kind of building in slightly. it is a result of the inland temperatures, but the coast will be staying a little bit out here. and cool to mild to warm to hot, depending on your
is causing fear in the markets. for more, we're joined by steve moore of the "wall street journal," joining us by phone. steve, there's been a lot said about the health of banks, particularly in europe, -- in europe, and that is involved with what's happening in the markets now. what can you tell us about that? >> i'm getting motion sickness with this stock market over the last week! i was one of those people that has talked about last week that bought on a dip so i'm not feeling so good about things today, but you know, i think one of the major triggers for the selloff today was the european banks, this crisis of debt in europe is not subsiding, there's a real concern now that germany may have to come in and essentially bail out the european central bank. so there is real panic with respect to the banks in europe, and what's happening, jenna, if you look at the market today, what's really getting creamed is american banks, as this kind of contagion and virus seems to be spreading to these shores. jenna: and so what is the takeaway for us, steve? because you look back in 2008, i mean, we we
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championship. steve scooter came within inches of a scoring record. -- steve stricker came within inches of the scoring record. tiger woods slipped into the golfer's abyss going into the water twice. he finished with one of his highest scores ever, first-round 77, seven over par 14 shots off the lead. >> i can just go out there and play and let it go and play by feel and see the shot, hit the shot felix, and i am not at that point yet. >> he has not won a major in 39 months. it has been 23 months since he has won anything. right now he is more legend then. and he is struggling. it is all up here. >> right now he just needs a nice, long vacation. >> alright, you know i have to get to the moon bounce. >>> the full moon tomorrow night. if you like today, you will like tomorrow, 87 degrees. we have a blog about going to the beaches. it will be 50/50 this weekend a good saturday, more rain likely sunday. >> tennis tomorrow? >> i am still recovering from today. >> thank you for joining us.
. >>> and steve jobs announces his resignation as ceo. [ male announcer ] washington, d.c. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here, with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. ♪ >>> in libya there is a $1.3 million reward out for moammar gadhafi. he the chairman of the rebels announced a pardon for any member of gadhafi's inner circle who captures or kills him. gadhafi says he will fight on until victory or martyrdom. there is no evidence that he has left the country. >>> texas governor rick perry pulled ahead of the g.o.p. presidential field. there is a poll of 1,000 republicans and independents. it was released today. governor perry has a commanding lead with 29%. the former front runner mitt romney dropped to second. ron paul and michele bachman are the top fo
too opted for the high road. >> sent steve a nice text after completion of play congratulating him on his wean. >> i'm not going to speculate on steve. those are his feelings and his emotions obviously and his decision to say what he wants to say. >>> finally tonight high school football teams starting to scrimmage. the team in black here in california celebrating their victory. all number 17 wants a piece of the celebration so he comes diving in and gets...think about diving into one of those piles you've got to make sure the pile is there -- >> going to catch you. >> yes. >> ouch, ouch, ouch. that's it for us much the cbs evening news is next. derek will see you at 7 p.m. have a great night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comments@captioncolorado.com
a deficit reduction plan that totals $1.5 trillion. steve handlesman join us from capitol hill with more on how this is being received on both sides. steve? >> reporter: doreen, thanks. this is actually going to be a double presidential proposal, a new deficit reduction plan, but more important politically, the jobs plan. >> how are you, sir? >> reporter: his job could be in jeopardy. president obama came to a county fair in illinois beaten down by the deficit fight, the downgrade and especially by high unemployment. >> there are some things that we could be doing right now to put our neighbors and our friends, some family members back to work. >> reporter: in a september speech after his vacation, the president will lay out a plan to build new schools, bridges and roads. >> and all those folks who got laid off from construction because the economy went south or the house bubble burst, they are dying for work. >> reporter: the obama jobs plan will include extending the payroll tax cuts he pushed through in '09, more infrastructure construction project and help for the long-term unemploye
off ahead of the straw poll that will be held there this weekend. steve handelsman has the report from ames, iowa. >> reporter: all eight republican candidates in the fox debate in iowa saved their best shots for president obama. >> our president simply doesn't understand how to lead. >> the message is this -- you are finished in 2012. >> reporter: mitt romney in iowa for the first time since may got heckled today. >> you came here to listen to the people -- >> reporter: and sort of got heckled tonight. >> obamacare was patterned after mitt's plan in massachusetts. >> reporter: tim pawlenty vowed no more timidity. he clashed with michele bachmann, the iowa frontrunner in today's corn poll at the state fair. >> in congress, her record of accomplishment and results is n nonexistent. >> people are looking for a champion. >> if that's your view of effective leadership with results, please stop because you're killing us. >> reporter: rick perry made clear today he's going to run. perry's move mocked by a fellow texan. >> i'm very pleased he's coming in because he represents the status quo.
a pass because a glacier fell on her. >>> we have the weather now from steve villanueva from new haven, connecticut, in for sam. great to have you here, steve. >> good morning, everyone. it is going to be a beautiful day in the northeast. we have a very comfortable air mass coming down from canada. temperatures in the 80s. very low humidity. in texas, the heat continues. temperatures there in the triple digits. tomorrow we can tie the record in dallas at 42-straight days. maybe we'll beat it as we head into saturday. that's your national forecast. >>> and coming up, new details on the american woman who disappeared in aruba. we'll talk to her boyfriend live about his frantic search to find her. >>> and the new american gold rush. how easy it is to melt down your valuables into cold sh? we'll show you the money. >>> and look at this. bull on the run led police on a wild chase. it's like fire. woman: ow, ow! i can't see. man: it's singeing me! it's the sun. get out of the office more often with chili's $6 lunch break combos. pair a texas toast half sandwich with fries and super salad eve
. >>> and a visionary resigns. steve jobs, the genius behind the iphone and ipad steps down as apple's ceo saying he no longer can meet the duties of his job. the decision about his health, and the impact on his company, today, thursday august 25, 20 1 11. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm david gregory in for matt on a very busy news morning. take a look at the conditions right now in the bahamas. hurricane irene has slammed the island chain. there are reports that 90% of the homes on two of the islands there have been severely daniel. >> that word is chilling for a lot of people along the coast bracing for irene. just this morning, the first hurricane watch was posted for the outer banks of north carolina where evacuations are currently under way. >> already under way. but the real threat could be to the u.s. right here in the northeast as we've been talking about all morning. the most significant hurricane potentially to threaten this area in two decades. experts are warning people here to get prepared. >> we'
news this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning to tucker barnes. it is a beautiful shot out there. you saw the sun coming up. usually, you think it's going to be so hot. >> not today. >> i'll start dancing. >> what a treat. >> i promise i won't do that. a few cloud strolling through. had a few showers off not north and west up towards hagerstown. this is the leading edge of trier air. the cooler air will arrive later today. we'll fall back into the 60s area-wide even here in washington. we may touch the 60s i suspect for the first time this month. i'll double-check that. >> how does that forecast sound to you? >> i like it. might actually get a run in. not too bad. >> let's start out first where we had that earlier crash. lanes are open outer loop at new hampshire avenue. i'm not sure if we've made contact with sky fox or not. can we take the picture. they are supposed to be over the b. with that parkway headed southbound near 410. back out to the west, traveling along 66, lanes are open but the pace is slowing leaving business 234. we've also got
to blame him for the jobless rate. steve handelsman has the latest. >> how are you, sir? >> reporter: his job could be in jeopardy. president obama came to a county fair in illinois beaten down by the deficit fight you can the downgrade and especially by high unemployment. >> there are some things that we could be doing right now to put our neighbors and our friends, some family members took work. >> reporter: in a september speech after his vacation, the president will lay out a plan to build new schools, bridges and roads. >> and all those folk hose got laid off from construction because the economy went south or the house bubble burst, they are dying for work. >> reporter: obama jobs plan will include extending the payroll tax cuts he pushed through in '09, more infrastructure construction project and help for the long-term unemployed. and he will propose a new deficit reduction plan 4 trillion in cut, not just 1.5 trillion, tax hikes on the well off and entitlement reform. deficit cuts would help pay for jobs programs. sounds good to democrat ann crow. she is unemployed. >> so that's
this is the last day of august, 2011, the 31st. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> all of the schools in calvert and st. mary's county are still closed today. prince george's county schools are open. there are just four schools there without power. they are glenarden woods elementary, heather hills elementary, rock ledge elementary and tall oaks vocational high school. officials say they will make a status decision about those schools before 6:00 this morning. >>> howard county with just one school without power. it is appleton elementary. anne arundel has 15 schools that will stay closed. that list is on our web site. >>> over 2,000 pepco customers are still in the dark. bge has 57,000 still without power in knife local counties. in southern maryland more than 17,000 customers are still without electricity. some bge customers tell us they are fed up. >> my message for bge is figure it out. >> get your act together, big final. >> my message to bge is can you please turn my power back o i miss the internet. >> help us pay fo
this video could easily have gotten caught in the crush. steve mitchell is with musicpicks.net. i understand you were originally supposed to be much closer to this stage. why, first of all, did you move back? >> well, it wasn't my choice. earlier in the day it was changed to a sound board shoot rather than -- rather than a pit shoot. that's kind of common in the industry, last-second changes might occur. fortunately for me it save made life and my fellow photographers. >> help us, steve to make sense of these images that you shot. what was going on in those first moments after the collapse? i mean, what was your reaction? >> well, we were standing at the sound board and actually looking down the track, we knew we were going to be hit by severe weather. obviously just expecting heavy rains. coming down, a dusty dirt track, there was something i had never seen before, the -- there was a big dust storm and it -- but it wasn't linear, it was almost circular, something i had never seen before. and actually, that's when it got about 30, 40 yards to us, there were a few photographers that actually
. steve handelsman joins us from capitol hill with the latest. hi steve. >> thanks. he's the incumbent and the economy is bad. but president obama's theme today, and it's sure to remain one of his top themes for the next 15 months of campaigning, was and will be "don't blame me." he came to the midwest on air force one, but the president took a bus, not a chopper. and showed up in cannon falls, minnesota without a tie. barack obama, back in campaign mode. >> i'm not here just to enjoy the nice weather. i'm here to enlist you in a fight. >> reporter: his beef is with republicans who he blamed for our near default in s&p downgrade. >> you've got to send a message to washington that it's time for the games to stop. >> reporter: but the debt ceiling fight drove the president's approval to an all-time low. 39% in yesterday's gallup tracking poll, back up to 41% today. he was at 51% approval on june 1st. mitt romney, rick perry and michele bachmann, three leading republican presidential candidates, are encouraged by the sudden obama slide. >> that is not because he's not campaigning. its bec
. but the complaints have been especially harsh this year. steve handlesman joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: martha's vineyard is nice. no question. it's cool, it's calm, it's classy. but now it's not just an island. it's an issue. few said "have a nice vacation" as president obama left washington for martha's vineyard. ten days with his family on the scenic, exclusive island off massachusetts. where he went last year. barack obama's taken less time off at this point in his presidency, 61 days, than ronald reagan's 112 days, and george bush's 180 days. democrat john lewis. >> we all need a break from time to time. >> reporter: but on the viney d vineyard? republicans say that's obama. >> he's aloof, and he's not in touch with the american people. >> reporter: the gop website is offering obama get-away cards. one mocking his approval rating. in fact, the obama number this week on the economy is just 26% approval. this was atlanta today. see that huge long line? it was people at an employment fair. >> i'm just out here trying to find me a job to support me and my son. >> i look for a job eve
4 midday," do you dream of sculpted arms like steve hayes has? he shares some of his secrets with us. plus, it's a lot like speed dating. we'll tell you about a new effort to find homes for homeless pets. >>> but first, here's a look at what's hot on nbcwashington.com. >>> if your summer goals include toning your upper body and having great-looking shoulders, arms, and abs for those hot summer days on the beach or just so you can wear that cute little sundress with your arms showing, we've got help for you this morning. steve hayes is back with a great upper body workout and he says it only takes a few minutes a day, everybody day. >> well, really, every other day. you can go two days on, a day off, like that. you always want to get a rest period in between. >> how much time do you plan on spending with this? >> you can do it in 15 minutes. a good workout in 15 minutes. >> let's start with your aerobic tip for the day. >> it's nice outside, take the family for a walk. get a nice brisk walk in the park. not only are you getting an aerobic workout, but you're spending family time toget
are in iowa, another big-named compeat is set to officially join them. 11 news reporter steve handelsman has more on how the candidates are working overtime to bring in votes. >> conservatives gather in ames, iowa, before the straw poll. michelle bachman implied she'll win. >> tomorrow is the day we make the downpayment on taking the country back. >> iowa state has been ready getting ready for the all day vote. >> sarah palin says if she runs it would be sexist to run that her opponent would be bachman. >> if i'm going to duke it out, i'm going to duke it out with a guy. >> we do some things in texas that frankly are working. >> there are some things folks in washington could look to texas and get some good influence from. >> he could get the momentum going better than tim polente can or mit romney can. >> he needs a place in the straw poll. >> he has to do well in order to stay alive. >> mitt romney was in new hampshire. the g.o.p. national front-runner is skipping the traw poll. in an unconventional move to try to win the nomination, even to try to win the iowa caucusses as early as next y
nothing about it. >> university of miami is a brand. >> reporter: dr. steve mcdaniel is a professor of sports and entertainment marketing. he has a background in crisis management and has consulted with universities in situations like this. >> the ncaa doesn't have a rule book to say, okay, if you commit this offense this is the standard punishment. so, that is going to be an interesting thing to look at here, too, if these allegations are indeed true. >> reporter: dr. mcdaniel says the ncaa is trying to take a tougher stance on corruption. could they offer the same fate as smu in the '80s and be given what is considered the death penalty. that's when the ncaa banned a program for competing in a sport for a period of time. >> i don't think it would be as severe as the death penalty. i think they saw what happened as a result of that at smu in the '80s and the repercussions, the lasting repercussions of something lasting like that to the school and to the athletes and to trying to rebuild a program. >> now, in a statement, ncaa president says if the
you. thank you very much. >> time for the many weather. steve villanueva is in for sam champion. good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone. lots of trouble in the central part of the country. this is where we could see nasty storms and severe weather from oklahoma city northward up towards bismarck, very heavy rain and strong winds. much cooler out on the west coast. 72 degrees in the district. made 80's today and into the weekend. low humidity with a lot of chance ofn the next rain this saturday night into sunday. >> your weather forecast brought to you by macy's. elizabeth? >> all right, thanks so much. >>> coming up, time for a meltdown? we'll show you how to cash in on the new american gold rush. ♪ i want to be rich [ female announcer ] real fruit... means real fruit smoothies from mccafé. real delicious and made just for you. ♪ happened to come across quicken loans online. [ chris ] quicken loans constantly kept us updated and got us through the process twice now. quicken loans is definitely engineered to amaze. they were just really there for us. not only kills fleas a
's humid once again. thanks for being with us, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we take good morning to tony perkins. >> warmer and more muggy. hi, allison. good morning, steve. good morning, everybody. muggy conditions not just this morning but today. the difference today besides the increasing humidity, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. let's start with sentinel radar. not much happening in washington. we have been watching heavy rain in northeast maryland. heavy rain, lightning as well. around here nothing but out to the west, fort royal, we have seen that batch of rain and it looks like there is a little spot of heavy rain embedded in that system north of front royal. we will keep our eyes on that. temperatures across the region, 70s. 74 in washington. 71 dulles. 71 baltimore. frederick, maryland is at 70 degrees. fredricksburg is at 68 degrees. the forecast for today, warm, humid, highs in the upper 8 toughs around 90 -- upper 80s to around 80 degrees. that's a look at weather. more in a bit. right now a check on traffic with lauren demark could. >> things are looki
are having a ball this summer with our workout. steve hayes with here with a great lower body workout using an exercise ball. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> nice to see you. first of all, start us off by introducing your workout partner here. >> lauren, introduce yourself please. >> my name is lauren and i'm a sports radio reporter in town. >> terrific. now, last week you talked about the upper body. this week you'll show us how to use exercise balls for your lower body. >> exactly. as a matter of fact, we'll start off showing you how to do a ball against the ball when you're working your quads and hamstrings. now, what you want to do is that as laura is squatting down, now, this ball will be on your back. it's right between the lower back and it's pushing against the wall. that takes the pressure off the lower back and is very user friendly and incredibly effective. >> so you can just push the ball up against any wall for support on your back and do the squats. and this doesn't effect the effectiveness of the exercise on your legs? >> not at all, you're still using quads
other things that apparently i can't say during the family hour. steve harrigan with the news live in south florida. what is going to be the immediate impact of this on um football? >> as far as today goes the entire hurricane team was out there in coral gables in pads practicing. some real question marks who is going to be eligible to take first game september 5th. of the 72 players named in the scandal, 12 are still on the current roster. 10 of those 12 starters included a quarterback. who is going to take the field as a question mark. questions too about the recruiting class 20 people have given oral commitments. will they hold those or go. questions about the coach. in his first year. he says he wasn't told about this scandal before he was hired. will he stay or go? questions going to the president of the university donna shalala. a lot of shoes could drop depending how serious the penalties is. >> shepard: wonder what the board is going to do when you look at long-term damage to the program and the university. >> that's right. it really depends on the penalty because these tra
, steve jobs, as you know, has resigned as ceo of apple, so what his decision says about the state of his health, and also what it means for the future of his company. and this morning we'll be talking about why trying to be a supermom with the perfect marriage, family and career, could actually be damaging for your health. that's all when we get started on a thursday morning here on today. now back to you, joe. >> very interesting, look forward to it. thanks very much, ann. you have a great day. >> you, too, sir. >> 74 degrees outside. the new pictures showing missing maryland woman the day she reportedly disappeared in aruba. >>> wow, look at this. sunrise, silver lining on the eastern horizon. and golden rays of sun shooting up into the stratosphere. live picture from our tower camera. and we do have some storms approaching our region. they're now moving into west virginia and western maryland and pennsylvania. those are ahead of a front that will be moving into our region later today. right now we're in the 70s, and it's rather humid. partly cloudy, but during the afternoon we'll like
book. >>> and the visionary resigns. steve job, the genius behind the iphone and ipad steps down as apple's ceo saying he can no longer meet the duties of his job. what his decision is saying about his health and the impact on his company today, thursday, august 25, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> this is "today" with matt lauer and ann curry. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's 7:00 on the west coast on this thursday. i'm ann curry. >> i'm in for matt on what is a very busy news day. look at the conditions now in nassau and the bahamas as hurricane irene lashes. there are reports that 90% of the homes on two of the southern islands there have been severely damaged. >> the destruction is a chilling bit of news for people all along the east coast who are now bracing for irene. a hurricane watch issued overnight has been issued for the outer banks of north carolina where evacuations are now under way, as you can see from that video. it is a very important moment. >> as we've been talking about all morning the real threat could b
points. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with some context on what's been going on with this roller coaster market. hey, steve. >> reporter: the markets are complicated. if it were easy to figure out what was going on, everybody would be rich investing in them. it's complicated. some of the factors that analysts were talking about today are the european debt crisis. a lot of europeans worry that they'll be in worse trouble if the u.s. economy goes down. because they won't be able to sell here, and we won't be able to buy there. so there's that. there are a couple of dire new predictions. yesterday from morgan stanley, the warning that we're dangerously close to recession. that's a quote. and the warning today from jpmorgan chase, that its fourth quarter growth prediction at wrong at 2.5%. jpmorgan chase said the right number is probably going to be 1%, really close to 0%, which would be a recession. other experts warning today that even a month or two of moving below what the previous month had been, a month or two of recession, if you will, even though you need
, see him drob the club there. tried -- drop the club there. it was steve strikers day. he is the leader by two. tiger is in trouble. big nationals game at wrigley today. ryan zimmerman working on the hitting streak. that will extend it. now hitting .296. pretty good. >> game tied at one. cubs beat the nats 4-3. finally this is from the pro league in thailand. a little collision is going to happen. i don't know all the rules of soccer, but i'm pretty sure this is not allowed. >> oh. >> and look at the poor guy roll like he's a tire. that might have been a slight exaggeration but there is no doubt that hurt a lot. >> he should have rolled the other way. >> those soccer guys are the biggest actors. >> i think it hurt somewhat. >> it probably did. >> we'll be back. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help low
15. now, this is steve stricter's day. no bogies, seven birdies, including that long one here on 18. he is your leader by 2. tiger is less than pleased. >> i'm really angry right now, so there's not a lot of words i could use beyond that. i just need to play with my instinct and the way that i feel. >> he is 63, tying the lowest round ever at the major, which was set two months ago by mcilroy. and tiger is now tied for 131st. >>> the redskins were not good last year, but at least they were simple from the moment training camp started, we knew that mcnabb was the quarterback, cooley was the tight end, and moss were the receivers. but this year, nothing is simple as they lay down the lines at fedex field today for tomorrow night's pre-season opener against the steelers, there are all sorts of questions about the roster. the quarterback, runningback, fullback, second receiver, kicker, right corner, and on down the line, which should make tomorrow more intense than your normal pre-season yawner. >> last year we knew who our guys were. there will be some competition from the first quarte
-- drop the club there. it was steve strikers day. he is the leader by two. tiger is in trouble. big nationals game at wrigley today. ryan zimmerman working on the hitting streak. that will extend it. now hitting .296. pretty good. >> game tied at one. cubs beat the nats 4-3. finally this is from the pro league in thailand. a little collision is going to happen. i don't know all the rules of soccer, but i'm pretty sure this is not allowed. >> oh. >> and look at the poor guy roll like he's a tire. that might have been a slight exaggeration but there is no doubt that hurt a lot. >> he should have rolled the other way. >> those soccer guys are the biggest
he's at 48th and 6th avenue right now. [ laughter ] >> steve: somebody stop that man! he's got a rembrandt! >> juliet: thank you, guys. we'll have shark boy and his dad tomorrow. will brian be back? martha: all right, thanks guys, we've got a lot of breaking news at this hour because there are new explosion and mortars and rocket fire being tphaerd and around qaddafi's compound right now [sound of gunfire] martha: that's the scene right now in tripoli, heavy gunfire we are hearing and lots of reports about what's going on in qaddafi's compound as well, good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom" gregg: what a busy morning it is, hello, i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer, the rebels involved in a fresh round of intense fighting against qaddafi forces just one day after gaining control of most of the capitol martha: let's go straight to jennifer griffin standing by at the pentagon jennifer, what a difference a few hours can make, a lot of explosions heard in and around qaddafi's compound what are you hearing from the pentagon now? >> reporter: thi
.for tickets, log on to fox baltimore meteorologist steve fertig will be bbck with aaother look at your 7 day forecast. forecast. you're &ppaltimorr. áá7 day forecastáá 3 33 ((break 8))
obama. meanwhile, two other potential candidates may be shifting the limelight. steve handelsman is in ames with an explanation. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: is she a party crasher? sarah palin showed up to enjoy the iowa spotlight, the day between the debate and the straw poll, saying she is still considering a run. but palin is being overshadowed by another conservative icon, who has decided. texas governor rick perry will declare tomorrow in south carolina, saying, according to a draft, the change we seek will never emanate out of washington. it will come from the wind swept prairies of middle america, the hearts and minds of god-fearing americans. perry hosted an evangelical california rally last weekend. >> father, our heart breaks for america. >> reporter: perry's christian conservatism could have powerful appeal in iowa. >> he could get the energy going among social conservatives maybe a little better than tim pawlenty can or mitt romney can. >> reporter: perry and michele bachmann will compete for the same tea party voters. >> as president of the united states, i'll
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